Automation Services

A more beautiful home
An automated gate enhances and increases the value of your property.
Is your gate going to be big and heavy?
Don’t get up: We will open and close your gate for you.
Is it raining?
No need for you to get wet,, you can open the gate from inside your car.
Kids in the car?
No longer keep them waiting while you open or close the gate.
Deliveries whilst you are away?
Speak to visitors and remotely open your gates from anywhere in the world.
All our automated gate systems are expertly and safely installed in conjunction our fully trained partners at AC Garage doors

Sliding gates are the perfect solution where there is limited internal length of driveway for the gates, or uneven, sloping ground. Sliding gates are also more secure than swing gates as they provide more resistance to forced entry.
Prices – P.O.A.

Sliding Gate Automation

An above ground system is perfect if you are looking for a simple system. Cheaper than an underground system, the above ground system requires no excavation, as it is post mounted and fully visible.

Better suited to our range of wrought iron gates.
Prices – P.O.A.

Above Ground Gate Automation

Although slightly more expensive, an underground system is more aesthetically pleasing and a more robust solution for our cladded privacy range where wind forces can be an issue.

Excavation work is required during installation, but we will ensure that all work is carried out efficiently and the ground is left as it was found.
Prices – P.O.A.

Underground Gate Automation