Just imagine .. -


 ... that a new anti-corrosion product is being launched today which offers quick turnaround, off-site application, coverage both inside and out of hollow sections and a coating molecularly bonded to the steel substrate. Not only that, it self repairs when damaged, sacrifices itself to protect the base metal, is environmentally sustainable, has good impact and abrasion resistance and a maintenance free life of 40 years or more.


 A coating system with this list of high-tech properties already exists, but the suppositions of many about its price and availability are wide of the mark. Last year more than 700,000 tonnes of steel was protected by this system in the UK and Ireland, which is a record amount. It is not a brand new product, in fact, it has been around for almost 150 years and, remarkably, it costs less than a good paint system. It is of course, hot dip galvanizing.


How long will my galvanized product last?

If you would like to know more, and find out the life expectancy of galvanizing in your area, please follow this link to the Galvanizers Association's website.             

                  Railings being hot dip galvanized



All our wrought iron gates and railings are hot dip galvanized to last a lifetime.